World Chambers Congress - Hybrid Event Platform




Branch and Eventify collaborated to develop hybrid technology for the World Chambers Congress (WCC), providing a platform for global chamber leaders to exchange best practices and address business challenges. With over 700 delegates (290 in-person and 400+ online), Branch designed web applications to merge interactions between online and in-person attendees.

Our objectives were to enhance the user experience across physical, 2D, and 3D virtual venues, establish robust API integrations, translate the 2D application into a 3D 360-degree venue, and develop a backend server to host both virtual venues for seamless operation.

Dynamic Registration Portal:

Branch designed and implemented a dynamic online portal, tailored to exhibitors and attendees with personalized logins. Exhibitor users had real-time access to edit their stand information. The secure online registration system provided continuous sign-in support throughout the event. The 2D virtual platform featured a meticulously designed home page, program/agenda section, speaker biographies, a virtual main stage, breakout rooms for specific content discussions, speed networking, an exhibitor showcase area, a virtual meeting room, and a dedicated chat section. Additionally, the team crafted an interactive, live mood board accessible from the 2D platform, allowing audiences to express themselves on a shared, live screen within the physical event venue. The portal offered multi-language accessibility chosen by attendees.

2D Virtual Platform Integration to 360-Degree Venue:

Branch established seamless integrations between the 2D and 360-degree venue, enabling live content displays and chat functionality on both platforms. The connections to virtual breakout rooms were also created, streaming live content into the 3D venue.

Hybrid Audience Engagement:

Branch innovatively developed various online applications, including speed networking, a digital fitness test, virtual playbooks, and mood boards, to maintain high engagement levels in both physical and virtual environments. Additionally, an application was created for moderators to log in and assess content in real-time before it went live.

Exhibitors Area:

Branch designed and implemented all interactive functionality within the exhibition area. Delegates could actively engage with each company by requesting information, scheduling meetings, or directly chatting with the company representatives. The exhibitors were empowered to update their booth information in real-time through the self-service function in the backend.


Branch's seamless integration of online and 3D systems provided a scalable and personalized hybrid event experience. The custom content systems ensured cross-platform compatibility and mobile responsiveness, contributing significantly to the success of this world-class hybrid event.

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World Chambers Congress - Hybrid Event Platform

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Custom-Built, Intentionally Designed

Custom-Built, Intentionally Designed

Custom-Built, Intentionally Designed

Your vision deserves the best execution. Connect with Branch and let our team develop a tailored, impactful web solution just for you.

Your vision deserves the best execution. Connect with Branch and let our team develop a tailored, impactful web solution just for you.'